A Quick Overview Of No-nonsense Tactics Of Wedding Gown

(Source: Matt Phoenix Photography) Rule #1 Pick your splurges, thencut back on the rest. "You want everyone to have plenty of things to drink, really good food, and a great band," Brittney said. "That's what people remember about the wedding." Brittney also said she splurged on her wedding dress, but helped her bridesmaids save on their dresses by choosing a color(black in her case), and allowing them to pick out their own, pending the bride's approval. Now, herbridesmaids have something they will wear more than once. Rule #2 You can save a lot just by cutting back on the guest list. "Decide how much you will spend per person," Brittney said. "I always say, if you havent talked to that person in a year, you probably don't need them at your wedding." Rule #3 Save on flowers using bulky blooms that are in season totake up more space. Additional wedding tips Save when it comes to the cake "I found when you add 'wedding' to anything--so instead of a cake, if you add 'wedding' cake--all of the sudden, instead of being a few hundred dollars, your cake is thousands," Brittney said. "Get a normal white layer cake, don't say you want a wedding cake, then get the florist to add flowers to it." Save on invitations Online is the way to go instead of using a traditional brick-and-mortar store if you're looking to save some money. Brittney suggested using websites like Minted and Etsy.

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